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Designer stone plaque

88,000 تومان638,000 تومان

Double pomegranate stone plaque

88,000 تومان555,000 تومان

Fatemeh Mohammad’s compound name plate

50,000 تومان482,000 تومان

Floral Necklace, Blue and Purple Necklace

30,000 تومان708,000 تومان

Fusion ring

50,000 تومان649,860 تومان

Hearts and Letters Bracelet

50,000 تومان331,080 تومان

Lady handmade plaque. Rose design

Oysters Rose Design

30,000 تومان708,000 تومان

Paband Gold Starfish Design

50,000 تومان520,000 تومان

Plaque love plot

30,000 تومان168,480 تومان

Women’s Necklace Pearl Pendant Design

25,000 تومان495,600 تومان

Women’s Necklace Plaque Circle Design

30,000 تومان364,000 تومان