1- Search and select a product

You can use two methods to search your favorite product on the Gallery:

    • Use the search tool (if you have already selected your model or brand):

At the top of the page there is a search tool that you can directly type in the name or part of the name of that item in the search bar directly to your desired product.

      • Use category groups of goods

In the upper part of the home page is the grouping of goods, which is displayed by selecting any of the categories, related products of that group. 2- Add product to cart </ strong>After choosing the item with the final decision to buy, you will be logged in to the shopping cart by clicking on the option added to the cart. If you plan to buy more goods, add them to your cart to process and send them as an order.

        • It should be noted that you must select the order to register the order of unused items. Custom goods are out of stock and will be placed on the list by placing your order. Within 10 business days, the goods are made and delivered to you. The weight and price of the item is limited and the time of delivery of the goods will be announced to you by the weight and the exact price of the goods through the invoice recorded by the Bird Gallery.

3. Finalize purchaseAfter selecting the goods and adding them to the cart / order, you must finalize the steps for recording the payment and the payment method to finalize your purchase. To do this, you need to have a username and password that you can easily do in a few seconds by subscribing to the user’s area. Then, in the next steps, your order will be recorded and ready to be processed.In case of any questions or ambiguities, please refer to the FAQ section or call the support contact number.