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Sending 3 hours in Tehran and outside of Tehran with a leading post.

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If the product is not suitable for you, you can change it by one touch for 24 hours.

Mehrana Gold Gallery

The Mehrana Gold Gallery in 1396 began operating in the Gold Field. The first branch of the Mehrana Gallery at Boukan Street, Niavaran Street, was the Alborz Shopping Center.
During this time, he has offered a great deal of beauty and elegance.
And also, with the acceptance of a variety of special orders and exclusive designations of the name, you have been loved by your service.

  • If goods are available after the complete refinement, the goods will be sent to you
  • In the absence of the goods, the goods will be registered with the payment of your order, and will be ready within 7 days and will be sent after full payment.
  • Replacement of goods for up to 24 hours based on the purchase price. Not to be taken.